#ATU Food Truck

"Former NFL player Christopher “Steel” Edmonds recognized the obstacles low-income communities face in living a healthier lifestyle and wanted to take action. He founded Athletic Trauma Unit (#ATU) to remove financial barriers to health and fitness. #ATU provides family-oriented exercise classes, fitness training, and nutritional coaching at no cost. To continue fighting obesity in underserved areas #ATU realized that residents needed a healthy alternative to fast-food. Bridgeway helped #ATU finance a food truck to bring healthy, affordable food to neighborhoods across Pittsburgh. #ATU’s Food Truck is part of a movement rolling across Pittsburgh using alternative approaches to bring nutritious options to food insecure communities. "

  • Bridgeway Capital

#ATU Trauma Workouts

Come check out the FREE workouts at 5 AM! Make sure you join the Facebook Group, Instagram page, and the YouTube Channel to keep up with where they are held, along with healthy food tips and join a community of over 10,000 supportive #ATU family members!

#Atu Personal Training Session

Can't make it to a 5 am session? No problem!! Bring the trainer to you!! request a trainer come meet you where you are and do a customized workout for you and also build a custom health and nutrition plan as well!

#ATU Corporate Training

Enjoy the workout? Want to take the team building aspect of a workout to your workplace?Need to plan a employee health and wellness event? Need to find a motivational speaker? Why not a former NFL player who is now the founder and CEO of his own company and non-profit?

Send a message now and see how we can customize something for your workplace.